View Full Version : Tourney Prize

08 May 07, 18:18
I now have in my hand a special prize for the winner of the drawing after the tourney...a brand new Squad Battles game!

I can't tell you what the title is...but it will be public knowledge very soon...and one lucky participant in the tourney will be getting a free copy. :cool:

08 May 07, 21:44
Is the new SB pre or post 1945? Will there be more than one new SB released this year?

08 May 07, 22:58
Hummm...I might give a hint or two in a few days... :clown:

09 May 07, 10:24
Hummm...I might give a hint or two in a few days... :clown:

You tease!

09 May 07, 20:39
I try. :laugh: :devious:

09 May 07, 23:06
Don't make us beat it out of ya! We will if you won't cough up the info voluntarily! :freak:

10 May 07, 07:15
Is the new SB pre or post 1945?


So that only leaves 62 years to guess from. ;)

10 May 07, 08:01
I remember seeing screen shots somewhere of 1980's Nato vs Warsaw Pact, so I'd imagine that's the new release.

Still hoping for Russo-German 1943-1945.

Any new SB is a good thing.

Mike Cox
10 May 07, 17:47
I have a preview copy in hand. I hope you will all enjoy it.

All I can say is you should have planned on coming to Tiller Con to see it in person. Of course the question is will they have other titles too? (I think not - considering the recent bonanza of titles.)