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02 Apr 07, 08:11
1) Second in command leaders: Given a brigade with two or three leaders (all with non zero command and leadership ratings) and 5-9 batalions, the second in command leaders (all but first listed leader) are not in the chain of command for reordering disordered units purposes. They can give a morale boost to meleeing units in their organization (or lower?). Can second in command leaders also aid in rallying routed units of their organization (or lower?)?
Does it matter where second in command leaders are placed in the oob? Must all leaders be listed together, or can second in command leaders be interspersed with units, and would that have any effect?
2) The user's Manual states the following:
"If the unit is stacked with a Leader of the same organization or a higher organization as the unit and if the Leadership rating of the Leader is higher than the Morale value, the Morale value is set equal to that rating. If the Leadership rating is already equal to the Morale value, then 1 is added to the Morale value."
What if the Leadership rating is lower than the Morale value?