View Full Version : New Nappy patches posted!

11 Mar 07, 15:30
Just saw that the new Nappy patches are posted on the HPS site!

14 Mar 07, 16:08
This set of updates is mainly for the Vista OS issues our customers were having with the games but ...

New features include Abbatis and Trenches. Find them in the Scenario Editor under the Hexes menu. Hot key for them is Alt+Right Mouse Button. You can toggle between Abbatis, Trench or remove them in this fashion.

For Campaign Jena-Auerstaedt:

And I added in new PDT files for most of the scenarios you find in your main game folder which reduce the amount of weather lines you will have to load. This should help any of you that have an older PC or just for those of us that hate to have to look through over 200 lines of weather data. They also correct the values for the chateau and a couple of other terrain types for melees.

I also added in a new what-if scenario called Hainspitz. Find it near the bottom of the list when you open up the game. Its a what-if scenario which I feel may be suitable for tournament play or a good MP game too.

The large map (Jena_Campaign_Large) has new map tags. And I corrected a few other errors I found as well.