View Full Version : Come on Over at Tiller Con II!

03 Mar 07, 20:36
I'm sure many of you already know that At Tiller Con II there is going to be a Panzer Campaigns Team Competition. However, did you know that this Competition is open to everyone? And that it's not just for seasoned Panzer Campaigns Players? In fact, everyone is welcome to join both novice and experienced players alike. Now if you're thinking that you won't have time. No problem, you're welcome to join even if you can only manage the time for one match. But, I would like to let you to know that full participation is only 4 matches spread out over three days. So, there will be plenty of time for everyone fully participating in the competition to do many other things. So if you're interested, come on over and join us! It don't cost anything extra. And, every member of the winning team, that signs up by the deadline, will receive a Tiller Con II commemorative victory medal! The medals are gold painted metal complete with a red white and blue ribbon, hot off the finest industrial presses in China. They cost hundreds of.......pennies each, and will only depreciate over time. Wow, should I say more!
Ok, seriously, they're not that big of a deal. But think of this way. Many months after the convention, you're sitting in your car, stuck in traffic, after a long day's work, and you look over at your rear view mirror, and hanging from the mirror, is this rather cheap inscribed medal that your wife has been pestering you to get rid of, but despite that, a smile crosses your face as you remember how you kicked some war gaming ass at Tiller Con II!