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02 Mar 07, 09:31
I have played quite a number of Squad Battles scenarios and the use of armor in the series continues to fascinate me. They are the double-edge sword, right? Great firepower, but with the risk of losing a great number of points due to a bazooka, (or something as equally frustrating). The question I have is: How do most of you handle using armor in an assaulting role? I have played with those who limit themselves to only assaulting with armor if they are supported in said assault with infantry. Others I play just assault away as hard and often as they can. I believe that a patch in AOTR addressed the earlier ease of which a tank could assault infantry in a covered hex, but have the other games been patched that way too? Anyone have opinion on this?

02 Mar 07, 10:44
Hi Jason,

I am very careful with vehicles generally and tanks specifically. The point loss is large and so I tend to use armour for assault very sparingly.

Armour assaults are great for dealing with demoralized enemies as I am sure everyone knows.

As an aside I am enjoying and appreciating more and more the SqB design. It has good flexibility and works as advertised.

I really like playing both sides solitaire and trying to use "realworld tactics". Lots of fun.

Regards John

02 Mar 07, 14:42
I'm still somewhat baffled with armor, to be honest. I think it is one of the aspects of the game that I haven't quite mastered yet (not that I've mastered anything, to be honest). Everytime I get my hands on some tanks or other vehicles, I always seem to get them smoked, usually causing my victory points to plummet. I rarely use them to assult for that purpose. There always seems to be a guy with a bazooka waiting to kill them! I find that I get very cautious with them and probably don't use them as effectively as I should.

How about the other way around? Infantry assulting a tank? How often is that successful and it is an advised tactic?

Short of a bazooka or RPG, what other infantry-bourne weapons can damage armor?

02 Mar 07, 18:26
Hi All,

A flamethrower or satchel charge will have some effect. The Germans have more specialized infantry type AT weapons than the allies. But the names escape me at the moment.

I am very respectful of infantry when using tanks.

Regards John

02 Mar 07, 20:07

Don't like to get too close without some protection. I have actually found that armor gets immobilized by assaulting infantry more than anything.