View Full Version : No melee elimination optional rule question

17 Feb 07, 15:47
From the help file:
"Select No Melee Eliminations to prevent defenders in a melee that have no valid retreat hex from being eliminated."
An assumption might be that this applies only to surrounded units. Does it also apply to unlimbered artillery, who since they cannot move, cannot retreat?

17 Feb 07, 16:04
It applies to all units, assuming the results of the melee don't eliminate them. Unlimbered artillery is very susceptible to melee though.

Make sure you don't use the "Partial Retreats" optional rule with the NME rule, as you won't get the desired effects.

17 Feb 07, 16:18
Explain the incompatability of partial retreats and NME, please.

17 Feb 07, 16:24
The logic behind the Partial Retreats prevents the NME rule from functioning properly, that's all. So just don't use both at the same time. They are both optional rules though, so we didn't want to take one out in favor of another, leaving the decision to the players.