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Lucas Kling
14 Feb 07, 13:42
Hi! Not sure where to post this, but I was in this section anyway so I'll just post it here.

When you choose the entertainment like "Entertainment was: Average. A solid scenario.", wouldn't it be best to have the default as "No option" or something like that. This because I just thought it might be so that some people do not care about this option and just leaves it as the default, hence giving another stat to the Average, A Solid scenario, even though that might not have been their opinion about it.

Just thinking out loud :).

14 Feb 07, 13:52
Good point, I'll bring that to Brent's attention.

Lucas Kling
17 Nov 07, 14:36
I see nothing has been done about this.

17 Nov 07, 16:17
Its called having limited web staff! I'll drop Brent a note about it again though. :cool: