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Duc de Darling
08 Feb 07, 12:47
Hi all,

I recently purchased HPS Napoleon in Russia and "Waterloo".

I am considering to play a campaign. I have played some scenarios just to learn some things about how the game works. Just needed some experience to realize that if cavalry passes in an hex with infantry, both are disordered (i.e.).

As a beginner, which campaign do you think that fits best? I tried to start with Russia, and am already playing Smolensk and learning that the Russkies are harder to kill than in "Age of Rifles". Cossacks resist my Dragoons charging and some skirmishers keep pinning my brigades. Difficult, but overcoming those odds is challenging.

My experience with HPS is mostly with Panzer Campaigns (Smolensk) and Modern Wars (Middle East).

Any advice?


08 Feb 07, 20:55
Welcome to the forums, and the games Sir! Glad to have you with us.

The two games you have are quite a bit different in many ways, so really its a matter of personal choice, as to which topic interests you more. In Waterloo you will have fewer battles, but bigger ones. In NRC there's a whole lot of battles in the campaign, with a good portion of them being medium sized, and a few large.

Personally I enjoy them both, so I'd just post a challenge in the "Opponents Wanted" forum above and see which one you can round up an opponent for. Or better yet, start a PBEM campaign for both! I usually keep multiple games going at any given time, so you should find it manageable.

Make sure and read the various articles posted here as well, as they should help get you going too.