View Full Version : SB: Korea Tourney Signups

Mike Cox
29 Jan 07, 20:28
Name, format, etc etc, TBD.

I would like to make it short and sweet (like all good SB scenarios).

Did you all like the mirror format of Air Chindit? With SB it usually is not too much effort to turn them around.

I would think that kickoff would be Feb 19 or so (I am out until Feb 12).

If you don't have it - plenty of time to pick it up.

Please sign up below.

30 Jan 07, 02:57
Any SB game. Mirror matches preferred aka Air Chindit. A win would be nice :-)


30 Jan 07, 07:56
I'm in for Korea.

And I prefer mirrored, so if the scenario is unbalanced both players have an equal chance at victory. And I need all the help I can get! :D

30 Jan 07, 08:32
I'm in again.

30 Jan 07, 10:08
Count me in :smoke: And I prefer the mirrored matches.....

30 Jan 07, 10:48
I'm in. I prefer matches against an inferior opponent with less men and much less firepower than me....


Mirror is cool by me. I'm just in it for the chicks.

30 Jan 07, 12:38

blah, blah, blah

30 Jan 07, 13:06
Hi All,

I would like to participate. Korea will be lots of fun. I have always found mirrored matches to be fair.

Regards John

Lucas Kling
02 Feb 07, 10:21
Sounds good! Count me in!

05 Feb 07, 19:07
Me too...

Mike Rea

07 Feb 07, 23:29
I'm in as well -

<<< The monkey told me so!!

08 Feb 07, 00:15
Haven't picked up SB in awhile. Count me in.

Shotgun Messiah
08 Feb 07, 23:43
I am in for a korea tourny.. count me in as well

Mike Cox
13 Feb 07, 14:24
Solid sign ups so far. Let me kick around some scenario thoughts, but looks like we will retain the format of Air Chindit.

Give me a bit of time to get caught up, still hoping for a 2/19 kickoff.

Shotgun Messiah
14 Feb 07, 18:33
Still five days off......

Mike Cox
18 Feb 07, 13:31
We have room for one more if any of you have someone sitting on the fence.

Will post matchups and scenarios soon.

23 Feb 07, 11:56
Put me down please Mike.:)