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04 Apr 04, 01:46
I have been playing BCT for a while. Does someone know what the green (X) does when you try to move your pieces. I tried moving my tank trying to ignore the green X and it stopped the tank in its tracks and won't move anymore. Is this an enemy or obstacle?

What are those yellow cemetery like figures on the screen? I tried to go over it and heard some firing or shots. How do tanks shoot these obstacles?

What other obstacles are waiting in this game?

If you have the answer, please email me.

thanks a lot.

bye. :)

Pat Proctor
04 Apr 04, 08:32
The green X indicates that the terrain you are trying to cross with the path you are planning is blocked by either steep terrain or a terrain object such as a river. This is uncrossable terrain and you need to plan your path around it.

The yellow marker you are describing sounds like an unidentified dismount team. This is a team of soldiers that you can see but not positively identify. If they are shooting at you, it is a good bet that they are enemy. You have to get pretty close to infantry to identify them.

07 Apr 04, 03:11
Is there a online help on descriptions of obstacles that appear in the BCT game? Is there a website for helpline on bct game?

Are there screenshots so that I may know what these obstacles or enemies look like?

Pat Proctor
07 Apr 04, 19:45
Here is the BCT Online Help Site:


Let me know if you have any other questions.

08 Apr 04, 01:05
Do you have a tutorial website or online of how to play the one game step by step like how to detect enemies, or how to shoot on a target or something?

I really appreciate some help in how to play this game.

Thanks for all your help

Pat Proctor
09 Apr 04, 02:15
Chapter 2 of the User Manual is a tutorial. It is no longer available from Shrapnel Games as a download, but is on the CD in electronic format, and in the hardcopy manual that ships with the game.