View Full Version : HPS Wagram: RAAB - What Gives?

05 Jan 07, 02:24
The Parameter data allows infantry to cross creeks but the game engine won't let you. Anyone else found this or is it just me?

16 Jan 07, 18:03
This post was on another SZO forum and Rich H. graciously moved it here as I didnt have permissions to reply to it:

I had sent in my reply to Greg earlier but here is the text of what I sent him:

The value for creek was something I was testing out but didnt change back in time for one of our past updates.

Creeks are hardcoded in the game and John Tiller has not expressed any desire to change that. I am hoping to get him to allow Has Boats equipped units to be able to cross creeks too. Keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, use the fords/stream hexes. That is what the cavalry and infantry had to do as well.