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27 Dec 06, 16:22
Here's a shot of the Hougomont area deployments in a nascent Waterloo/Wavre scenario. Can you spot the chateau? (Hint, lower left corner.) These are the 2D graphics I use, borrowed, altered from many sources with some original ideas.

27 Dec 06, 18:13
I like it!

I did a similar set of graphics for the roads. The roads were very hard to spot in some terrain colors. Even trails now are easier to find.

Tom Bridges
27 Dec 06, 20:48
Excellent! Are these available for download?

27 Dec 06, 22:45
I just posted in the downloads section.

Tom Bridges
28 Dec 06, 08:45
Thanks...I only play in 2D so every little enhancement helps a lot. Wish I knew how to do this, I would take a shot at creating my own.