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26 Mar 04, 15:35
FYI --

Armored Task Force Selected as Simulation Engine for Next-Generation Training System
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Cary, NC, 25 March 2004

ProSIM Company announced today that its hit wargame, Armored Task Force, was
selected as the high-fidelity tactical simulation engine for a training system called V-CTC (Virtual Combat Training Center), being developed by Teknowledge Corporation (Nasdaq: TEKC) as part of a DARPA Phase II Small Business Innovation Research project.

The V-CTC seeks to combine an ultra-realistic combined arms, combat simulation
and an intelligent tutoring system to provide an engaging, realistic, and rich training
experience for combat leaders. ProSIM Company's title, Armored Task Force, will be the tutor's combat simulation engine. It will provide an instrumented battlefield for the tutor to observe and monitor trainee performance in real-time mission scenarios. The developer is currently hard at work, making small modifications to the system to allow it to communicate with Teknowledge's intelligent tutoring system.

Pat Proctor, President of ProSIM Company, said, "We are very excited about the
opportunity to participate in this project. We feel very strongly that our simulations are
the most realistic modern combat simulations commercially available. They have
been used, informally, by army units across the globe to train staff planning and
execution for years. We are eager to see the full training potential of Armored Task Force realized."

Dr. Michelle Sams, Teknowledge's Training Systems Program Manager, explained
more about the project's overall goal: "The DoD's Combat Training Centers (CTCs)
provide invaluable live training opportunities, however these training experiences are
limited due to their availability and expense. Providing readily available, relevant, and
realistic training prior to and subsequent to CTC rotations can significantly enhance the
benefits of these live training experiences. We are developing technology that will
improve this training via an intelligent tutor in a simulated environment."

ProSIM Company, based in Southern California, has been developing highly realistic
wargames since 1996. Their games have been published exclusively by Shrapnel
Games since 2000. Their simulations of modern, combined arms warfare have been
critically acclaimed over the years in magazines such as PC Gamer and at sites such as
Wargamer.com. Their titles include BCT: Brigade Combat Team, BCT Commander, and Armored Task Force. They are currently also hard at work on three new titles,
Raging Tiger: Second Korean War, Thunder & Lightning: The Battles of Operation Desert Storm, and The Falklands War 1982.

For more information on BCT Commander or Armored Task Force please visit
http://www.shrapnelgames.com. You may also purchase these titles, along with
many more, at the Gamers Front located at http://www.gamersfront.com/cgi-bin/store/category.cgi?category=0

10 Apr 04, 04:07
That is awesome!

Congrats, with your hard work on this sim it is well deserved.