View Full Version : DP Vehicle Pack 2 Available

25 Mar 04, 20:30
This little pack offer improved graphic pieces for some of the most used vehicles in ATF. I was never a big fun of the stock graphic pieces (too much noise).

Vehicles changed are the M1 series MBT, M2/M3 BFV series, M109A6, and M992. Screenshot provided below.

Download (http://www.wargames.warfarehq.com/forums/showthread.php?t=339)

For those wondering, the British vehicles are coming along. Technically, I could release them today because the vehicles completed should be fit into any stock scenario. However, I want to complete rest of the vehicles and add an scenario.

Of course, if people want them now, I'll set it up. :D

25 Mar 04, 23:26
Geez DP I can't keep up with you! :nuts: Thanks for all the hard work!!:thumup:


26 Mar 04, 18:09
Awesome job!