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01 Dec 06, 15:19
hello all, im from sengo :P

01 Dec 06, 15:20
Yo trivium glad your here.

01 Dec 06, 15:22
yo Triv ma man! btw you can post in the sengo thread in announcments :D

01 Dec 06, 15:23
Hey trivium :D

Jacques XVII
01 Dec 06, 15:24
yo biatch

lol hey

btw anyone who isnt from sengo wont say hello.

they dont like new people.

01 Dec 06, 15:25
its cos we have leproseeeeee i think

not sure


yea i got it

01 Dec 06, 15:47
hey good to see you here :D

Jacques XVII
01 Dec 06, 15:57
lol jimmy

leperacy my darling. leperacy.

01 Dec 06, 16:16
no your wrong, and i am right

i tink

*gets out theasorussss*

yeppsss i am right

01 Dec 06, 16:22
yeah jimmys right actually :)

01 Dec 06, 16:26
No no you do not have any pleague

Welcome here, please Feel like at home.

Hey guys the smoking monkey avatar is great fun

Again Welcome

Der Wanderer The TOAW forum moderator

01 Dec 06, 16:29
lol why do you say a german line after every post yet your french?

Jacques XVII
01 Dec 06, 16:29
my bad jiss sorry:p

01 Dec 06, 16:36
lol i dont think the XG's will understnad many of our private jokes

01 Dec 06, 16:46
nah they don't

we're toooooo kool for XG

Jacques XVII
01 Dec 06, 17:29
Nubs Ftw!!!!!

01 Dec 06, 18:25
lol why do you say a german line after every post yet your french?

Der WanderSomething héhé

It comes from very old "Time" when I was working as Export Technical Engineer in a French sofware company. I was wandering in whole German speaking European countries during 7 years
Add an other fact, if you know Wagner's Nibelugen tetralogy, in Siegfried ( the 3rd volume), Wothan lords of the gods sad and desesperater wanders on earth.
It offers human beings the right to ask 3 questions if he can't answer he offers his life. If he answers the 3 questions, himself ask three questions and if you can't answer he is the master of your life.
He is known too as the Wanderer

Mixing both I used to sign The Wanderer when sending email to my German company friends

Then When I joined Don's Web site in 2003 I used to sign the WanderSomething to show my mind state or to add on an idea or to make a joke etc...

Der WanderYouGotYourAnswer

01 Dec 06, 22:13
I think I understand, oh hey Triv.