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24 Mar 04, 01:24
New ATF Maps converted from BCT: Commander

1. Afghanistan Canyon (http://www.wargames.warfarehq.com/forums/showthread.php?t=335)

2. Afghanistan Defile (http://www.wargames.warfarehq.com/forums/showthread.php?t=336)

Remember to download both zip files. I had to split the files to upload. I went with Rocky for color. If people would prefer Desert, let me know, and I'll make the adjustment. Both maps include SBF Location files.


TilePiece Utility Tutorial (http://www.wargames.warfarehq.com/forums/showthread.php?p=702)

This little tutorial should prove helpful to new vehicle piece designers. You will learn how to use KBluck's TilePiece Utility to rotate your new vehicle for use in ATF.


24 Mar 04, 09:10
Thanks DP. Hopefully I'll have my first scenario out on one of these maps in a few weeks.


25 Mar 04, 11:16
One issue with TilePiece is color conversion. I recommend that you submit only 24-bit (RGB) bitmaps to be rotated. If you submit indexed (256- or 16-colors) bitmaps, they are converted internally to 24-bit, then rotated, then converted back. It converts back using a default system palette, and so you may find some of your custom colors have been altered. Starting with a 24-bit image avoids this problem. Once your piece has been tiled, you can downsample the color depth using a tool like Photoshop that allows you to control what palettes are used. Using a trivial tool like MS Paint to alter color depth (File | Save As) will also show the problem of mutating non-standard colors. Of course, if you use only standard system colors, this won't be an issue.

Also, you may note that large images appear "clipped" in the preview screen. This is merely an artifact of the interface, and your final image will not actually be clipped.

--- Kevin