View Full Version : Welcome to new young fellows from a PC Gamer Old Timer

01 Dec 06, 06:25
Hi New folks of former Sengo,

I wish you welcome aboard XG,
I'm Der Wanderer the moderator of the Operational Art Of War forum,
I hope you will bring us a fresh air to our bunch of old fellows, I've a son of 18 who is a final fantasy lover, I hope he will join you.

But all in all we have all the same passion "gaming"

I won't play you the old guy explaining you how it was in old time of the 1st PCs where no console were existing, we old guys the 1st explorers of wild wide numeric desert
but since 1ST computers (1979) I am playing.

I'm Civilisation game lover but more than this I'm a TOAW game fanatic to such point I became mod and tournament maker.

So feel home here and not hesitate to visit all forums here

Der WanderOldTimer

01 Dec 06, 06:27
cheers mate... nice welcome, can't say i'm too sure about this right now but we'll see eh? :D

01 Dec 06, 06:51
i never saw you on sengo =S

01 Dec 06, 06:55
Thats because he wasn't on Sengo.

Oh and hi, my name's Jack. :D

01 Dec 06, 06:59
thanks for the warm welcome mate

I just hope everyone is as warm and friendly as you.

It is nice, however, to have a few more older gamers around. Be nice to be able to talk all retro. lol

01 Dec 06, 07:01
Hello! :D .

01 Dec 06, 07:02
oh yeah sorry xD

i miss read

thanks anyway for the warm reception

01 Dec 06, 07:14
thanks for the welcome and i love civilisation too. :D maybe we can play online some time, i havent played it in a while though.

01 Dec 06, 07:57
Yeah. What the old man said... :laugh:

Welcome aboard.

fiery rock
01 Dec 06, 08:35
Thanks for the welcome :D i like your son already if he likes final fantasy :P