View Full Version : Hello Everybody!!!!

01 Dec 06, 04:21
Hi im ewan, im from sengo. I looking forward to being part of this forum. soo HI:clown:

01 Dec 06, 05:12
Hi Ewan! Me too:)

encase you couldnt tell that was sarcasm. almost everybody here is from sengo and another small site. nearly everyone knows who you are. why bother doing an intro

Tim Bucks
01 Dec 06, 05:35
bit of a pointless thread seeing as others have introduced themselves on other threads but anyways HI EWAN we were successfully imported :D

01 Dec 06, 05:45
:D Hey

Since when was Jim's name Imported Jim lol

01 Dec 06, 09:02
Hey.. dude. Like hayec said; this place is identical to sengo cept with a different theme.

01 Dec 06, 09:06
thank you dernhelm you make me seem like i'm important