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01 Dec 06, 03:52
im excited to be a part of this community and would like to thank DM and all those who helped make this possible again.:D

Anyways, to those who dont know me:

Im a squareenix fan and hope to work there someday as im heading in the direction of game design as a career path. Im 16 and at a college doing art, ict and business.

I also spend alot of time doing some art and learning new techniques so expect loads of stuff by me posted here often. :)

Im also working on a secret project known as PL with Sprig. It was orignally for sengo.com but since its become part of X-G, PL will be everyone here. :surprise: :D

Oh and im male, lol. I remember when some people though i was female when i first joined there. :laugh:

01 Dec 06, 04:34
i never thought you were a girl but that never stopped me from loving you all the same.

hey XG! i'm kinda likin this layout. its still pretty much sengo but in a new skin. i like squareenix too :) it was much better as squaresoft though. FF VIII is the best!

Adamaniac 791
01 Dec 06, 04:49
Hey DarkSora! :D You still have the highest post count! :rofl2:

Hmm, I wonder how many of these "I'm new here" threads will pop up, I have seen dozens already... :clown:

01 Dec 06, 04:57
Ha lol! there are a few. but really there not new are they? they're just sengolians. were still sengo but in a new shell

Tim Bucks
01 Dec 06, 04:57
wow im on the other side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually i guess XG isn't as bad as i thought it would be but it needs an arcade!:laugh:

welcome to the other side sengo:D

01 Dec 06, 05:00
Hey Bucks ya made it here. more and more sengolians are becoming XG Soldiers.

01 Dec 06, 05:47
lol i bet your happy yours still the highest poster DS :D

01 Dec 06, 07:10
DS... whether you're male or femal, you know i'd still hit that!

i love you man!!!

i love all of you!!!

so glad to see you all here :D

fiery rock
01 Dec 06, 08:33
i knew you were male all the time DS :lier:

01 Dec 06, 09:36
great to see u here DS. the highest poster :D