View Full Version : Greetings, chaps!

21 Oct 06, 16:33
Greetings all! I'm Joystick..

Im new here.

You need know no more!

Adamaniac 791
21 Oct 06, 16:35
Howdy. :)

21 Oct 06, 16:35
Hello and welcome to Sengo! Enjoy your stay and keep active!

21 Oct 06, 16:35
welcome :)

and what does "you need know no more!" mean?

Adamaniac 791
21 Oct 06, 16:37
It means what it says. ;) He is saying you don't need to know anything else about him basically. ;)

21 Oct 06, 16:39
Haha yes, i'll be very active <---Forum Troll.

Oh and who is the sig guys around here :D

P.S You need not know, what you need not know no more is about!!;)

Adamaniac 791
21 Oct 06, 16:45
Look in the graphics section, we have plenty of graphic designers here. ;)

21 Oct 06, 16:52
quite a few people make there own sigs

i do :up:

21 Oct 06, 16:54
I'v tried making my own sigs, on past forums believe me, but at the same time i failed..badly..

But if anyone, is willing to make a sig for me, just send me a message, DW if you cant be assed though :D


21 Oct 06, 16:56
i'm ok i spose....
Welcome, try to stay active and KEEP POSTING!

21 Oct 06, 16:59
Welcome to Sengo, Joystick. Watch out for the bananas.

21 Oct 06, 17:07
HAH, I Joystick watch out for Banana's, my middle name is Banana!


Adamaniac 791
21 Oct 06, 17:08
Well we have a whole host of banana emoticons, behold!

:dance: :nana: :skip: :devil: :banana-wave: :BGuitar: :bandead: :bananapelada: :banana04: :banana: :banana-thumb: :bandrum: :2623: :bf_rasta: :baneye: :banjump:

21 Oct 06, 17:13
you gotta love :2623:

its a banana riding a green thing hahaha!

look that the way it runs

Adamaniac 791
21 Oct 06, 17:17
Yeah and notice the blobs at the right that appear in the animation, I think it makes it look like its taking a crap after every leap lol... :hehe:

21 Oct 06, 18:56
Hey there, i like your avatar :D

21 Oct 06, 19:01
Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

21 Oct 06, 19:21
Hi, i'm chuloopa. I have great big bouncy breasts as an avatar...

..YOU need know no more....

22 Oct 06, 09:10
Hi, i'm chuloopa. I have great big bouncy breasts as an avatar...

..YOU need know no more....

Amagad Pwned!!

Cant...Cant stop looking.

22 Oct 06, 09:47
welcome! :up: stay active. and add me on xbox live

23 Oct 06, 06:14
Hey welcome to sengo...:)