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16 Mar 04, 18:15
Ok guys I got ATF today! Very very fast service from Gamerfront!

Anyway now for the important stuff. What are the standard addonss/patches that everyone is playing with?
I see there are database updates and vehicle packs etc. I want to be standard with everyone else if i can.

Thanks ahead of the time for any help here

Ivan Rapkinov
16 Mar 04, 18:52
just go to prosimco and get everything (not sure if the 1.04 update is still available tho - have to ask Capt. Pat :) )

16 Mar 04, 21:11
In addition to Ivan's comment, I'd go to the downloads section here and get Kbluck's Database and his updated scenarios. He would be the better person to explain the changes he made, but the biggest one I noticed is the improved survivability of the infantry. There are also some Stryker scenarios there that are good fun. Plus Operation Sand Castle...which is a blast. :)

Take care,

17 Mar 04, 21:08
All your ATF needs are linked from our Armored Task Force HQ Page! Click the ATF Demo/Downloads hyperlink which will connect you to Shrapnel Games Website which has all the official patches including the new 1.04 patch.

Also Check out our scenarios here:

Mods here:

Maps here:

which by the way are also linked to the ATF HQ page.:p Shame on you Scully for not directing them to our HQ Page;) .

Be on the look out for our upcoming resource page as well. I know I said soon but I am having a bad case of PC burnout right now, but it will be here subjectively soon! My best to all of you!