View Full Version : Im a noob at forums but not at Runescape !

01 Aug 06, 13:45
hello hello hello all forum users im new !!!!!

thegamerman reffered me here and i no him in real life

im quality at Killzone AND RUNESCAPE lol

C ya guys <<<<<<im not a yank!

01 Aug 06, 13:46
Welcome to the forum, read the stickies and search if you need help

01 Aug 06, 13:46
Lol howdy ;)
Loving your location...now thats what that noise was last night...XD :p

01 Aug 06, 13:47
welcome, welcome and welcome

wait a sec u live at MY mums house...... u dirty little person, u must live in a coffin :p jks

01 Aug 06, 13:47
Hey welcome to sengo! ....stay :up:

01 Aug 06, 13:49
Welcome to Sengo! Droog

01 Aug 06, 14:04
Hey droog... good to finally have you on the boards. And a refferal for my troubles!

Enjoy thyself (Exits stage left)

01 Aug 06, 14:05
Lol howdy ;)
Loving your location...now thats what that noise was last night...XD :p

thats what i was gonna say lmao, welcome to sengo ;)

01 Aug 06, 14:05
Im glad you like MGS :up:
So on the MGS fan list its:
Adamanic791 I (hes crazy.....)
Droog :up:

01 Aug 06, 14:09
I'm an MGS fan too!

01 Aug 06, 14:12
O yer u posted that MGS2 tip diddnt you :D
So is whiplash :)
The list is growing boys!

01 Aug 06, 14:21
You can count me out of that list.:p. Hello Droog.

01 Aug 06, 14:33
sup droog, stay active and keep posting, posting, posting lol.

01 Aug 06, 15:23
Welcome to the forum

RUNESCAPE SUCKS just thought id get that off my chest :D jks

01 Aug 06, 15:45
Runescape does suck. :p Welcome.

Adamaniac 791
02 Aug 06, 08:59
Yep, Sprigner is right, I am totally nuts! But not as crazy as chuloopa! :p

Welcome mate, enjoy your stay with us mentalists! :D

02 Aug 06, 09:11
welcome to sengo :)

I USED to play Rs, But not anymore. Bored -.-

02 Aug 06, 10:10
Welcome to Sengo. I played a little Runescape back in the day but I never really got into it.

fiery rock
02 Aug 06, 13:52
Hey good to have you here, hope you enjoy yourself, you can have a lot of laughs with everyone here lol as you can see from the previous posts

Jacques XVII
02 Aug 06, 16:42
welcome droog

somehow someone failed to mention my craziness, this is appauling.

But for now, we must stay calm, as the infantry isn't fully wiped, as we ran out of paper.

I would OWN you at killzone lol jks. but not rle. as in wld own you. *cough*

happy days