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Colonel Cortez
01 Aug 06, 08:17
Heya, Cortez's the name, friend of "Thegamerman"(he's teh RoXx0r of BoXx0rz). I havent posted on a forum for quite some time, or done anything PC related really cept playing a little Far Cry and HL2 now and then. I still follow up on the next gen news though, probably more so than many of the existing members. I'm an eager PSP fan, became and addict right away, stuffed it full of Flash homebrew recently. Just bought Loco Roco too ^^(God that game is awesome).
i have well over fourty PS2 games and i'm a Sony fan (not fanboy...anymore).
Other than that, well, i used to tinker around with photoshop before music took over my life. So i guess i'll be starting with that again, i'm not a complete n00b with photoshop, my sig shows that. Though, i dont like brushes very much, i'm more of a Logo/Banner guy, så lots of brushes and shait in the midst of it just make it confusing.

Tada!! thats me.

01 Aug 06, 08:22
Hey there! Nice to have you back cortez... haven't discussed stuff with you for a while. Not since killzone.coms glory days!

everyone be nice to him... if you are... he'll teach you how to swear in norwiegan!

01 Aug 06, 08:23
Hey CC :D Enjoy your stay on ze forum :up:

Colonel Cortez
01 Aug 06, 08:28
Lol, i pissed Dweller of good with that post Gamerman^^

01 Aug 06, 08:28
swearing in a different language... the power :D... hey, have a nice time...

01 Aug 06, 08:36
Hey welcome dude :up:

@Experiemnt: WOW your sig rocks

01 Aug 06, 08:37
hey CC, enjoy your stay at sengo and KEEP ACTIVE!!

01 Aug 06, 08:44
Lol, i pissed Dweller of good with that post Gamerman^^

aaah happy times... Happy times indeed.

01 Aug 06, 08:58
Welcome to sengo, i hope you remembered to say who reffered you ;)

Adamaniac 791
01 Aug 06, 11:18
Howdy neighbourino! :D I hope you become an active member here at Sengo, but beware of the killer hamsters and for the love of god don't try to pet them... :dead:

BTW It is fun to swear at people in a different language isn't it? :p You can call them whatever you like and they don't have a clue what the hell you said!

01 Aug 06, 13:48
Hey welcome to Sengo :up:

01 Aug 06, 14:19
Alright, hello, welcome to the wonderful world of sengo.

Colonel Cortez
01 Aug 06, 18:12
it's such a luchious land it is. I think i will like it here.^^