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04 Jul 06, 05:25
well i'm ricky, i'm here for the music, i hated sengo but now i like it :cool:

04 Jul 06, 05:26
Hi, Welcome to Sengo Ricky :)

04 Jul 06, 05:29
did you hang around as a guest before? welcome

Adamaniac 791
04 Jul 06, 06:29
Why did you hate it?

04 Jul 06, 06:39
Ricky your a n00b (inside joke evryone) welcome to sengo :)

Jacques XVII
04 Jul 06, 06:43
Rickys A Noobie Gayface

6 Days Holy ****

04 Jul 06, 11:21
i know WOOOOOW and yuh just a gay

04 Jul 06, 12:00
Ok hello... why dont you just die. (A joke to myself)

04 Jul 06, 13:07
Dunno what everyone else is on about so... Hey, welcome to Sengo :up:

04 Jul 06, 13:22
Lol every ones being harsh so HOWDY!

04 Jul 06, 13:24
I think SC and that other person aka Jacques know him, i was just following the crowd.

04 Jul 06, 14:01
KK so will i then :up:
Hey Ret*rd :p JKS

Adamaniac 791
04 Jul 06, 17:55
SC doesn't know him (I don't think...), after all Scoreless lives in the USA...

04 Jul 06, 19:37
Do I know you?

Meh I guess not. Well welcome...i guess >_>

05 Jul 06, 04:38
Me, cain, Jacques, Martin Flores, Ricky and Hayc004 all go to school together:D

Tim Bucks
05 Jul 06, 04:50
wt about me u noob!!!!!!!!!!
Ricky im not surprised u h8ted sengo im not to keen on it either these days its ok sometimes but it just gets really boring and ****ty.

05 Jul 06, 05:00
im sorry tim you aswell, but i wouldnt go posted bad stuff about sengo on sengo

Tim Bucks
05 Jul 06, 05:07
im entittled to my opinion na sengos ok at the moment but i was just sayin it can be really gay. And wheres the friggin arcade???????????

05 Jul 06, 05:22
Me, cain, Jacques, Martin Flores, Ricky and Hayc004 all go to school together:D
I might add i was the 1st :p And patt, and tim, but patt doesnt really come on :down:

Tim Bucks
05 Jul 06, 05:27
lol patt always finds all the good things like interfade
hats off 2 patt

05 Jul 06, 07:21
Welcome i guess even though youve bin here a while

05 Jul 06, 12:09
well hello

08 Jul 06, 08:14
Welcome to sengo enjoy!

10 Jul 06, 14:29
howdy! hows it all hanging?

10 Jul 06, 14:30
hes got like 80 posts and we are saying hello lmao

fiery rock
11 Jul 06, 16:19
Hey ignore the jokes there like it wid every1, welcome to sengo.

12 Jul 06, 14:44
yeah i've had an account for a while but i kinda forgot about it, oh well i'm bk now :D

13 Jul 06, 11:35
i'm jumping on the bandwagon and saying hi.,... i don't care how old this thread is... HI!

Also, as for the name calling, i shall settle the argument... you are all retarded... there.. now EVERYONE is happy :)