View Full Version : New Beta Patches....Correct way to install?

07 Mar 04, 13:18
Just curious, how is everyone installing each of the new beta patches that Scott sends out?

Are you totally un-installing POA2....or are you just applying the new patch over the existing ones?


07 Mar 04, 16:37

I have installed every patch direct into the original game files. I have experienced the corrupt data file message but simply reinstalling the data files has solved that problem every time. To the best of my knowledge there is no requirement to uninstall and reinstall at each patch update.


07 Mar 04, 18:26
Neither to my knowledge. I installed each beta "over the top" so I suspect that if people are having crashes it may be related to other system issues... it's very rare for me to get a c++ error now unless I do some specific things that I know can crash the game.

EXCEPTION: Scenario 10 likes to crasj at turn two for whatever reason a lot.

I know most folks are having pretty solid results on win2k. I remember hearing something awhile back that POA2 was designed on that OS but don't quote me.