View Full Version : i am an old man. Be kind.

24 Mar 06, 17:25
Nah, just kidding.
Hey all... new here... been a gamer since the very first time I ever saw Dragon's Lair in the arcade at the bowling alley.
What got you into video games?

24 Mar 06, 17:28
Hello and welcome to sengo! :)

I got into video games by sitting on my dads lap and watching him play Super Mario ^^

Adamaniac 791
24 Mar 06, 17:34
Welcome to the forum. I got into gaming when my dad bought home an Amiga one day when I was a wee lad.

24 Mar 06, 17:43
welcome to sengo!

i cant remember how i got into gaming...:o :confused:

24 Mar 06, 17:48
I got into gaming from the magical people of Lardy World..
Their amazing, really, once you get to know them :)

Anyways, don't mind me :D
Hope you have a GREAT time at Sengo, buddy

Revolutionary But Gangsta
24 Mar 06, 17:50
Welcome man.

Have fun. Cant remember how I got into gaming.


24 Mar 06, 19:57
Welcome to the forums. I got into gaming since the first time I played mario 64 and pokemon. Man I owe nintendo my gaming life :D.

24 Mar 06, 20:15
Welcome, i owe my gaming obsession to my Super Nintendo!

24 Mar 06, 22:13
Super nintendo and GB color. YAY 200th POST!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 Mar 06, 00:06
welcome to sengo!

25 Mar 06, 05:28
Welcome to Sengo, got into gaming through the megadrive :D

25 Mar 06, 09:23
Welcome. I got into gaming when i won a PlayStation (origna batch!) in a comp then i just carried on :D

Tim Bucks
25 Mar 06, 09:47
welcome 2 this wonderful site! I got into gaming by the sega megadrive aswell its was these games could bugsy the squirell and also the original sonic!

25 Mar 06, 13:39
Welcome to sengo

I first got into gaming with super nintendo

25 Mar 06, 13:47
welcome to sengo i got into gaming with some sort of sega i think.

Tim Bucks
25 Mar 06, 14:00
it was those really cheap kinda games tht got us into it! And old school consoles!

25 Mar 06, 14:44
hey man, welcome. i dont really remember how i got into gaming...it was too long ago

25 Mar 06, 14:50
welcome i got into gaming when i saw my friend play a console which i cant remember,lol

26 Mar 06, 00:06
Whutup man, and welcome. I gotta say my first game that got me hooked was " leisure suit larry " the original one for the commodore 64. That and " Maniac Mansion "

26 Mar 06, 14:37
Welcome to Sengo! I got into games ever since i played crystal caves when i was about 5.

27 Mar 06, 03:02
Hi! Welcome to Sengo!

I got into gaming when my mom brought home a GameBoy Color from the states.