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20 Mar 06, 18:31
Is there a vBulletin Mod where it prevents new users from making threads except forums like the basement and introductions and if they have a question they have to use the search feature we have for a reason and if there question isnt answered let there be a Q and A thread or something. Like they have to receive a certain amount of posts before trusted or given permission by a mod because lately all these spammers are coming and annoying me and fellow sengonians.


- Less Spammers
- People Actually using search


- May Encourage Spamming (not Sure)

This Is All An Idea, Maybe you guys can whip up ideas about what to do. So you dont have to do it, just an suggestion and the mods/admins are doing a great job at there job!

PS: If this goes bad please close and delete


EDIT: Anyone know where DRP went?

20 Mar 06, 18:33
well there is a mod that will allow a user to first post a post in a selected forum before they see any of the forums

20 Mar 06, 18:48
While it is annoying that these spammers are ruining this place, I think they will just try to ruin it more if we do try to stop them from seeing the forums/being able to post in certain forums. I just think the more "protection" we put on, the more harder they will try and get in to spam this place. But, yeah it's a good idea but I'm not too sure how effictive it'll be. It seems that it's easy to tell if a spammer is/was a member on here from the IP address or host name and once that is gotten, the right person will be banned. Right now it's really just 1 person causing the trouble so I don't think we need to do anything drastic. It seems that he's easy to find under a new name he creates so I just don't think we have any major problems here. On another topic, we all need to get along better.

EDIT: Like I said, his new name is "Unban me". I mean, seriously, this guy isn't creative. He's easy to ban.

20 Mar 06, 19:31
The more attention that gets put on them, the more they will want to spam. If you guys want to really help, report spam posts, and then the staff will take care of them.

20 Mar 06, 19:33
i kind of like this idea

Dr. Winston O'Boogie
20 Mar 06, 21:10
Restrictions on posting won't help anything...they'll just create further problems.

20 Mar 06, 21:21

yet another example.

20 Mar 06, 21:34

yet another example.
Of how great of a moderator I am!

Dr. Winston O'Boogie
20 Mar 06, 21:36
For every example you have of "noobs" spamming, I could find many more of good threads started by one. It's simply not fair to discriminate all newer members as being unfit to create threads. Anyway, most threads are closed quickly and without many problems.