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28 Feb 06, 03:28
I just purchased psp from best buy and decided to join here. you guys might help me out on this fantastic game piece. !! I purchased nfs underground and it is great !!:up:

28 Feb 06, 04:49
Hey krispy, welcome to the forums :) How long have you had your PSP; nearly completed NFS yet?

28 Feb 06, 05:29
Welcome to the Sengo.

28 Feb 06, 06:33
WElcome to Sengo!

Adamaniac 791
28 Feb 06, 09:41
Sup Krispy, welcome to sengo!

28 Feb 06, 10:49
hi, im mannix and welcome to sengo, glad 2 know u were able to get a psp

*sigh*i remembered the day when i finaly got my own psp, i was like "OMG OMG OMG, I Have my own psp" i was soo excited that day and still am :p

28 Feb 06, 10:53
hi welcome to sengo

28 Feb 06, 14:36
i remember the wonderous day i got my psp... it was called christmas...
anyway! welcome to sengo, im pompey72b!

28 Feb 06, 14:57
Welcome to our local mushroom feeder, I am lord mushroom and all these members are my followers

28 Feb 06, 15:05
i am also new to this forum
and this is a nice forum to join
and know more about PSP and other related information...

28 Feb 06, 15:15
Welcome to our local mushroom feeder, I am lord mushroom and all these members are my followers

Your an asshokle.

We all know that you are followers in the religion of Whipism.

Tom Brady
28 Feb 06, 21:55
hi my name is tom, i like long walks on the beach and... woops wrong site!, welcome to sengo, we are all very freindly

28 Feb 06, 22:05
Both of you are wrong,
Sengo is the Land of the Holy Band of Bondage Faires with me as the O so holy King,
All of you(Except Luke, he's the God we Worship) are my little rats with tu-tu's...

Welcome to HBBF! Have fun, and your tu-tu will be ready in 3-4 business days...

01 Mar 06, 16:12
ALL 3 OF YOU ARE WRONG! Welcome to sengo or also known as halo, i am known here as master chief and all of the other members are grunts and flood. Luke is Arbiter so we are partners and will kick the covenants ass soon, :p

PS: i think he's never coming back, :p

01 Mar 06, 22:55

Yeah, I don't think he's coming back, Think we scared him off
Shucks, Another Rat gone to waste :(

01 Mar 06, 23:03