View Full Version : Hi everybody i'm new to sengo!!!!

10 Feb 06, 19:11
Hi i'm a new menber of sengo, i plan to use this site regulary!!!:)

Adamaniac 791
10 Feb 06, 19:13
As I said in the LCS thread, welcome to Sengo! :up: (BTW Thanks again for the info on the location for the SPAS 12, I am now causing mayhem with it as I did in Vice City, ahhh the memories...)

Revolutionary But Gangsta
10 Feb 06, 21:03
Welcome bro.

Have fun, and post well.

11 Feb 06, 03:42
welcome to sengo, enjoy your stay

11 Feb 06, 04:05
welcome to sengo :D

28 Feb 06, 15:34
welcome to sengo
this is a good place to share our opinions
and to know more about our interests

Tom Brady
28 Feb 06, 21:50
welcome, ya make your self at home