View Full Version : hello every one

10 Feb 06, 08:44
hi every one, my name is mannix!:up: and i like video games, im currently hooked to my psp now so yeah im just has interested in the psp like any fan of it would, wat cought my eye to this place is the many interesting thread and infos you guys have on this forum specialy on the psp part

i hope later on in the future i can fit in wit yous guys


10 Feb 06, 08:46
welcome to sengo, nice sig mannix:D

Adamaniac 791
10 Feb 06, 10:17
Welcome mate! :up:

10 Feb 06, 10:39
thats a funny signature :up: Welcome to the world of Sengo :D

Revolutionary But Gangsta
10 Feb 06, 21:05
Welcome bro, have fun.

11 Feb 06, 01:15
thanks for the warm welcome guys. i hope i can really fit in haha