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08 Feb 06, 15:08
Hi, I just joined this place because it looked like a nice active community that was worth posting on.

About me, um I've always been a huge nintendo fan but I did buy a 360 so I don't know what that makes me. Fave game is Zelda OoT with Goldeneye in close Second.

I'm a member of two other forums and a mod on another. Bah, can't think of anything else about me.

08 Feb 06, 15:17
welcome to sengo bowserboy, nice signature too and enjoy your time :up:

08 Feb 06, 15:32
Welcome. Nice favorite games. :up:

08 Feb 06, 15:37

Dr. Winston O'Boogie
08 Feb 06, 15:37
Heh, I just bought GoldenEye. And welcome. :)

08 Feb 06, 15:58
Hi Bowserboy, and welcome to Sengo. :)

08 Feb 06, 16:13
So weres the strangest place you jacked off?

08 Feb 06, 16:24
Welcome, this is the best place ever and the most addicting...

Adamaniac 791
08 Feb 06, 16:29
Welcome to Sengo! :up:

08 Feb 06, 16:52
Hey, Welcome to Sengo

08 Feb 06, 16:54
So weres the strangest place you jacked off?

Come on, show some respect for yourself and the new guy :)

Welcome bowserboy!

08 Feb 06, 17:08
im sorry a buddy of mine today came up and before even saying hi thats what he said. i died laughing.

08 Feb 06, 17:40
welcome to sengo! have a good stay!

09 Feb 06, 08:42
welcome to sengo Bowserboy, nice sig. Ocarina is the best game of all time good choice

09 Feb 06, 08:56
hi bowserboy i like zelda but its not the best. the final fantasy series far surpasses every other game. although i do think other games are good. (this is not including the square enix/ disney disaster that is kingdom hearts.) sorry to others who disagree but it was a poor choice to make bambi a summon!