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28 Jan 06, 12:54
Hey yall Im DarkRyu35 and i Love gaming. Some of My favorites are GTA Games And battle feild 2 is awesome!I have a game cube witch i NEVER play A ps2 and My favorite MY XBOX!!!!!! I also Have a PSP I got it for christmas its soooo much fun i played it all christmas day ! i only have SOCOM and liberty city stories right now but im planning on getting twisted metal black this weekend. I Hope ill get to know every one soon and fit in Thanks Alot ,

DarkRyu35 :up:

28 Jan 06, 12:58
hi, you seem like a pretty all round gamer with a lot of consoles, welcome to sengo :up:

28 Jan 06, 13:09
how can you not play your gamecube:eek: anyway welcome to sengo:up:

28 Jan 06, 15:00
^^ agreed, gamecubes still got some life in it yet, although to be honest i havent fired mine up in ages! anyway good luck in your hopefully long and fruitiful stay at sengo!

29 Jan 06, 05:23
Hey Welcome To Sengo!

Revolutionary But Gangsta
29 Jan 06, 07:07
Welcome man.

Have fun.

29 Jan 06, 09:36
sup man with all those consoles you got your set for a year.