View Full Version : Armored Task Force questions

Dr Zaius
07 Oct 02, 17:46
I'll use this thread to ask some more questions about the ATF demo.

The help file states that, "Depending on the quality of a unitís night vision devices (or infrared vision devices), the effects of limited visibility can be reduced or completely eliminated. You can also mitigate the effects of limited illumination by firing artillery or mortar illumination rounds."

What are the effects of poor illumination on combat resolution? Is it simply a matter of spotting a unit or not, or does poor illumination directly effect combat in other ways?

Pat Proctor
08 Oct 02, 22:40
The impact of visibility is on a unit's ability to possitively identify targets. You take a hit on how close the enemy has to be before you can see him, up front.

There is not an additionaly hit on percentage hit possibility. I think this is realistic. The resolution of the simulation is so detailed that the visibility IS the key factor. If sighting system was more abstract (i.e. we were playing on 100m hexes or something), I might say take it out of pH.