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03 Dec 05, 09:39
hi there sorry if this is gonna be the same old type of question i do apologise - im trying to be a good mum and get the psp thing for my son but i have not got a clue about versions and drag and drop and oh i could go on lol basically i have my eye on a 1.5 version with a 1 gb stick thing and some games and movies ready to drop and/or drag !!sounds good better than some ive read but does not make much sense to me should i abandon this idea as i will have no clue to activate or use it all or am i being a wimp and its easy or do i run to toys r us and get a standard english 2.0 job with less games etc but for more money!!!! please help does anyone understand my ramblings or am i really as my son says a mad mum thanks for reading dazed and confused

03 Dec 05, 09:57
Firstly, welcome to Sengo :)

Secondly, how old is your son, and is he good with computers? If he's quite young or not very computer literate, then i'd reccomend buying him a new UK 2.0 PSP and a 1gb stick (although 2gbs are as cheap as £75 on ebay now).

1.5 PSP's have a few advantages/disadvantages;

+ Can run games made by random people on the internet, can run copied (pirated) games, can run emulators (old computer systems like SNES, Megadrive, Gameboy etc)

- Kinda confusing, theres always the possibility of destroying the PSP, newer games require 2.0 firmware

03 Dec 05, 09:59
What Bootaaay Said, and

Welcome to sengo.

03 Dec 05, 10:20
Hey welcome to Sengo.

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03 Dec 05, 10:55
Welcome and pretty much as Bootaay said, it depends on what you want the psp to do really...

03 Dec 05, 11:26
thankyou for all your replies and messages first an apology i forgot everything and couldn log in again so have re incarnated as kel sorry sorry but at least im confessing and at least (i hope) someone can delete the old me now ! my lil lad is nearly 8 but more computer literate than me he has the other consoles but as 8 year olds say "i need it mum" is his cry - lord i feel old hopefully someone knows what i mean lol your site is brill and after having a goodish look lol im going for the 1.5 because as i erm understand it as long as he has the games i can get him the discs crammed with em all and the ones i pay loads for will stay shiny and nice ;) please say if im wrong <gulp> and as long as all u nice people are here i think if i have any probs ill get tips and help on solving them,what a creep i am !! lol ok ive decided i think lol anyhow big hello and many thanks kel

03 Dec 05, 11:36
hi and welcome.
btw if your son gets newer games it will automatically change to 2.0

03 Dec 05, 11:50
hi there ots all so confusing aint it lol