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04 Feb 04, 12:54
It never ceases to amaze me the amount of sheer hard work and expertise the leading contributors of this forum put in to the benefit of their fellow War gamers. Together with the excellent support given by Captain P, makes for a truly formidable team.

So many thanks Kbluck,Deltapooh et al for truly enhancing my gaming experience.

Also while Iím at it, a special thanks to Don Maddox and his section Leaders for a first class WHQ site. Iím spending that much time here these days that I am seriously thinking of making it my Home Page.

Dr Zaius
04 Feb 04, 16:10
Thanks for the kind remarks. Delta and the other contributors have done a lot for the hobby and we are glad to have them as members. :cheeky:

We're also lucky to have the developer as a regular visitor on this forum.

04 Feb 04, 17:43
It's a hoot for me, even when things don't work out as planned. As I stated earlier, the scenario editor allows me to use my imagination. Where else can a Mech infantry company commander have control over a MLRS battery?

Besides, if we were not here, we'd be out doing other things. Who knows, Kbluck might have decided to become a part time traffic cop. (bust you for traveling 55.001mph in a 55mph zone. :devil: :devil: :D )

We are a community. I shudder to think where I'd be without Kbluck. And without Don, NORAD, and Scully, ATF would not have a fansite. It is very nice to have access to the developers and see some of our ideals being incorporated in the game. ATF is not perfect, but the developer-community relationship offers tremendous promise for the future.

And without people actually being interested in all our work, we'd all have a bunch of individual work wasting away on PCs.

04 Feb 04, 19:38
I too will throw down some thanks for our Member Developer/Contributers! You guys do awesome work. Your submissions kept me coming back to Shrapnels BCT forum when it was still intact and somehow pointed me in the direction of this wonderful site.

Don has obviously put in a tremendous effort making this site professional looking with great features and cultivating a friendly civilized patronage for the most part! I only hope that in some way I am contributing to all of your enjoyment of the game and community. I can't always spend as much time as I would like to developing content, but I try to do what I can after "spending time with my family:D " and "making a living:eek: "

Also big thanks to CPT. Proctor for taking an interest in keeping the community interested by investing his time with all of us.


Michael "NORAD"

04 Feb 04, 22:30
I couldn't agree more. Nice work everyone.

Brian Scully

Pat Proctor
05 Feb 04, 11:36
I echo the thanks to everyone who contributes to this community, as well as those who take the time to stop by and visit.

The one bad thing about writing wargames is that you know all of the content. You can only fool yourself so many times before the challenge is gone from all of the scenarios. But with a great community that keeps adding so much content, it makes that game as enjoyable for me as it is for all of you.

DP, I WILL beat Operation Sandcastle before I die!