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01 Nov 05, 16:34
Hey all you guys from sengo..I'm a little tired I'm back from my deployment.

I'm truly sorry for any trouble that has been caused. I wont be posting much (maybe)since i have alot of stuff to do...I would love to post some pics....but the marines wont allow photography. I should of warned of it before hand but it was a last minute call..so ya. My dick weed little brother has been screwing with you all, that I'm sorry for.

I hope were all cool OK? Please don't let my little bros crap make you all think any less of me. I have seen some pretty scary crap in my short time called out....its not pretty at all.....let me know if u wanna see an example of what I'm talking about. Its not what i actually seen but its close to it.

also I got called home early...My dad had a heart problem and I'm the only one able to do anything to help him.

01 Nov 05, 16:42
whats wrong with your dads hart does he smoke drick? drugs?

o and well come (i think)

01 Nov 05, 16:44
hes just old and to much fatty foods.

01 Nov 05, 16:47
have some consideration man, the guy's dad just had a heart attack. hope he recovers well dude

01 Nov 05, 16:49
its OK I'm pretty tough and he is to lol he one of those, wouldn't die even from a head shot, kinda guy

01 Nov 05, 16:49
have some consideration man, the guy's dad just had a heart attack. hope he recovers well dude
o well im soooooooooooooooo sry he did not say his age sorry :mad: :eek: :dead:

01 Nov 05, 16:52
doesn't matter what age u are if u have a heart attack

u should still be more mature than that and have more consideration

01 Nov 05, 17:56
ok ok i think they get it now dont need to say it again (post above me)

01 Nov 05, 19:34
So you're posting from a carrier? Shouldn't you be doing your job? Or is this just all bull****? Explain please.

01 Nov 05, 19:36
He said he was sent home because his dad had a heart attack, which is bull****. You don't just get sent on leave like that.

01 Nov 05, 19:42

people that were: romanticlady, 360fangirl ect admitted it was a joke, now its time for you to fess up if you have anything to say...

01 Nov 05, 19:46
Now that is pathetic. So the "army" doesn't want you talking? Then why the **** would you go and tell us all these undetailed lies. I'm also so sure that it takes an adult to join the army but you seem to spell and talk like a 5 year old. Wow, what a dolt.

01 Nov 05, 19:52
people in the army are not all super geniuses

01 Nov 05, 19:54
Who said they are?

01 Nov 05, 19:56
well scot was talking about the way i type look.

also was scheduled to leave a few days later anyways so they went on ahead and sent me home.

02 Nov 05, 10:56
a few things, one you said "My dad had a heart problem and I'm the only one able to do anything to help him." how the hell are you the only person who can do anything, you the top heart surgeon in the world, also oh that was my brother not me "ive been on a top secret carrier" is pretty old now, loose the act and i will treat you with respect, until then i dont want to talk to you and i think you are a pathetic scrap of a human, there is no need to lie here!

Adamaniac 791
02 Nov 05, 11:40
Ok all this bullsh*t has to stop, everyone is tired of people talking out of their arses. And the people who have talked utter bollocks on here (e.g PSP FAN BOY) have been banned, so unless you stop talking all of this crap I am sure you will be banned soon too.

02 Nov 05, 14:32
i think you are a total and utter bull sh*ter!!

02 Nov 05, 16:26
you know what no one believes you so jus shut the book up

02 Nov 05, 16:33
search pabkac in google and thats what you are

02 Nov 05, 22:33
all right kill this thread when ya got time.

02 Nov 05, 22:48
Im only locking this on request of the topic starter, and this topicis leading nowhere