View Full Version : DirectDraw errors on screen save

03 Feb 04, 12:15
The game doesn't react well to screen savers or power save sleep/suspend modes. Generally, after coming back from those states, a DirectDraw error occurs. Usually, it starts off with CANTCREATEDC. Sometimes it recovers, sometimes it goes on to OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY and terminates the game.

Not so nice for those of us who play the game on laptops while travelling! :cry:

--- Kevin

03 Feb 04, 15:09
This happens to me as well when any screen-saver comes on, or when using the fast user switching feature of Windows XP. I have disabled all screen saver and power managment because of this :(
On another note, if you are looking for a way to automatically adjust screen resolution and color depth when opening ATF I would recommend multires at http://www.entechtaiwan.com/files/multires.exe. I wrote a little batch file making use of multires which automatically switches resolution and color depth, opens ATF, then automatically switches back to original res./color when you close ATF.
Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the issues with having to reduce video acceleration, etc. that some people have to do when opening ATF :(