View Full Version : LOS modifiers

01 Feb 04, 06:49
I was curious if altitude cause a unit to see farther. It seems to have no effect on the purple maximum LOS range, but it seems that the purple circle is modified by certain factors. Anyone able to clear this up? I haven't seen a post on the altitude matter, so sorry if this is a repeat.


Pat Proctor
01 Feb 04, 12:30
The LOS Tool is just that, a "tool". The purple circle represents the nominal, database view range of the vehicle. This number represents the distance at which the unit will, while stationary and facing the unit, spot a T-80 in the open, stationary and not in defilade. This is effected by many factors. Including:

Target or viewer moving.
Size of target.
Target or viewer dug in or in hold fire.
Target or viewer moving.
Illumination and/or night vision and thermal equipment.

These are only a few of the dozens of factors that effect view range. Elevation does not, directly, effect the view range. Obviously, from high ground, your Line of Sight is better, meaning you can see more ground by seening over obstacles. But this does NOT effect the absolute distance at which you can detect enemies.