View Full Version : This forum is amazing!

23 Sep 05, 07:05
Just want to say, this forum is really helpfull, not long had my psp, and not long found this site buts its been a really good site, with everyone helping each other!
makes a change from the other forums i frequent!
Cheers everyone!

23 Sep 05, 07:31
Yeah. Its amazing. :) You replied in my thread eh. This forum really helps. But you can post this one at other forum topics. This is Help. :) Peace out! Enjoy your stay and welcome to Sengo!

Tom Brady
23 Sep 05, 16:13
hey welcome hope you stay long time

23 Sep 05, 16:45
welcome to the forums, i am glad you like it here

23 Sep 05, 16:49
Welcome to Sengo! im sure u will enjoy it as much as i am.

23 Sep 05, 17:34
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23 Sep 05, 17:49
Keep your spam to the basement.

23 Sep 05, 18:00
:( But i liek spam :(

****. im doing it again. D'Oh

Revolutionary But Gangsta
23 Sep 05, 18:12
Welcome, son. Enjoy yourself.

24 Sep 05, 13:03
I have to agree with the title of this thread. Welcome to Sengo.

24 Sep 05, 13:09
Hi & welcome to the forum :)

24 Sep 05, 14:17
Welcome dawg

keep it real homie

22 Oct 05, 15:31
welcome to the greatest forum on earth!!!