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Panama Red
14 Nov 06, 08:11
I noticed that depending on the game, the Column Fire Modifier ranges anywhere from 1/3 to 1/4 to 1/5. Is this done for "game balance" reasons or is this done for "historical" reasons ???

Jena - 1/4
Eckmuhl - 1/3
Wagram - 1/3
Russia - 1/3
Waterloo - 1/5

14 Nov 06, 16:11
First three games 1/3. Players want change: Waterloo 1/5, then pendulum swings to 1/4 in Jena. Just a "historical" guess, and my feeling is 1/3 or maybe even 1/2 is the best.

14 Nov 06, 20:26
Basically it deals with historical formations, and how the various designers interpret them.

1/3 reflects the French and Austrian columns formed 'columns of division' which had a 2 compnay frontage, or 1/3 of a line.

1/5 covers the same ground but reflects a 10 company bn in 'column of division' only has a two company frontage, and that when the French deployed thier voltiguers they formed a column of companies, or 1 company wide out of the five available for line, 1/5.

1/4 shows Prussian, Russian and Saxon single column of companies, i.e. 1/4 frontage, with the French in column of divisions, two company frontage, 1/4 of a line and the voltiguers deployed.

It would be nice if each nationality could have its tactical doctrine reflected with seperate pdt factors for column frontages, march rates, etc, etc.

Panama Red
15 Nov 06, 04:54
Thank you for your reply.

I was hoping that the fractions were historical based because I really play the games due to my love of history.

But since there is a different space in the pdt file for each major nation's column fire modifier, so I do not underestand why what you say can not be incorporated too.

15 Nov 06, 11:54
Which slots are for French, Anglo Allies and Prussians? I agree with Al that more pdt file flexibility would be good. Seperate national skirmish company percentages would be good. French 1/6, Brits 1/10, Prussians 1/4. Of course not all "Anglo-Allies" are Brits, so there's another can of worms.
I had misinterpreted the meaning of the column fire modifier number in previous post. I now understand 5 to mean Divide by five, not subtract one fifth. As such, five is a good column fire modifier for Waterloo, and Al's explanations make sense.

Panama Red
15 Nov 06, 14:27
FM WarB:
Per one text file that explains the ".pdt" file generically, it says this about the Column Fire Modifier slots:

Line 56: Fire factor for infantry firing in column formation
Order : Austrian, French, Allied nation n1, Allied nation n2.
The fire value is divided by this number when the firing unit is in column.
3 3 3 3

The best way to check which is the British, French or Prussian slot in the Waterloo ".pdt" file, is to change these slots one number at a time and then look in the Parameter (F2) in the game and see which number matches the number you changed in the ".pdt" file.

15 Nov 06, 14:51
Yes I have that file, and the more recent one posted by Rich Hamilton.
I thought I'd find out the easy way, much as I enjoy fiddling with the pdt file (See my Ligny-QB scenario). In any case, I think 5 is a good overall number for Waterloo.

Panama Red
15 Nov 06, 15:44
FM WarB:
Where did you get your Rich Hamilton file from ??? My file is an older Cobexlaw file explanation and I would like to get a copy of your newer file if possible please.

Second question, do you have an explanation of the older Talonsoft ".pdt" files too ???

15 Nov 06, 23:44
Napoleonic PDT File Info (http://hist-sdc.com/waterloo/pdt.html)

Panama Red
16 Nov 06, 08:58
FM WarB:
Thanks, I did not have that file explanations.;)