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01 Nov 06, 22:33
Ahhh...to computerize the old Wellington's Victry SPI paper game. Back in the more recent Talonsoft days, I was one who urged John Tiller to have automatic defensive fire to speed turns. Took some time (doing formation changes was the problem), but we got it.
TAOW has enemy tactical and local reserves which move during friendly player turns, depending on what missions they are given. Might something similar (if PO is good enough) be possible to get cav countercharges?
Now, cav sits and awaits attack. I've given them minimal firepower in my scenario. What if, as the guns were "simultaniously" booming, cav from Both sides were charging?
....Just some thoughts, as I have fond memories of Wellington's Victory...Actually won as Nappy once.

Panama Red
06 Nov 06, 04:40
I asked about the Cavalry Counter Charge over at the Napoleonic Wargame Club forum and this is what Bill Peters wrote:

John has not emphasized the multi phase system as he has the single phase system. Thus it wasnt carried over.

Also a little history guys is in order. John had just left Talonsoft and was concerned about a lawsuit. Thus the game is different in many areas. We kept away from putting out any title that TS had done previously until we felt that the climate was ok.

Thus while NRC was in the works before Eckmuhl the latter was our first release.

Since most of the play is in the single phase style its really not an issue. And I sure dont want the AI charging my cavalry (or squaring up my infantry either) for me.

There is some feeling that John may introduce a few changes to the multiphase format. Nothing definite at this point. The new NME rule will help alleviate the need for alot of the older format.

Bill Peters
HPS Napoleonic Scenario Designer (Eckmuhl, Wagram, Jena-Auerstaedt and ... more to come)