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31 Oct 06, 23:51
Okay, I played all 3 of the Talonsoft games, and have 3 ACW games from HPS.

The question is...should I go for HPS Waterloo or Russia, being as they have been done by Talonsoft. Are they different enough to warrent buying?

What is the 'best' of the games?

01 Nov 06, 02:18
NRC is a HUGE improvement over NIR in many aspects. While many gamers may enjoy the artwork and Defense Phase of the NIR title, NRC features EVERY battle of the 1812 campaign. Also the newer engine keeps getting updated on a regular basis.

Charlie Cutshall did a great job on the OB, maps and scenarios as well as a great campaign.

Waterloo is newer and although has been done to death for our series it again adds in a nice BIG map where you can decide where you want to fight the battles. There are several campaign files you can choose from as well.

Altogether I cant recommend one over another although NRC is one of my personal favorites.

Gary McClellan
01 Nov 06, 10:04
To my mind, alot of this decision rests on what you are really looking for. Of course, if there is one battle or another that you MUST have, that's the one to go for, but since you didn't say "ooh! I've never seen a Jena game, MINE!", you likely don't have that sort of attraction to any of them.

So, my question is this, are you looking for a really big battle, or a series of smaller ones? Eckmuhl has a wonderful selection of small to medium battles, though it lacks any one big battle (other than the 500+ turn all in one scenario on a map that is a good chunk of Bavaria). NRC has a nice selection of battles of all sizes. Wagram really focuses on the two Big Battles (Aspern-Essling and Wagram itself), while Waterloo of course focuses on Ligny-QB and Waterloo (though there is a full map scenario that is a throwback to the old Nap's Final Battles Quad from SPI). Jena has a surprisingly deep campaign mode. So, it's really a matter of what you want. For a first entry, I'd suggest Eckmuhl since it has a really wide variety of stuff, and probably the best campaign.

01 Nov 06, 22:04
Okay, thanks, I'll try it!