View Full Version : Optional Rules????

29 Oct 06, 13:36
Just got 1776......its great as I expected.........couple of Q's and Im too lazy to print up manual so here goes. I guess everyone generally uses the same optional rules as in the CivWar & Napy series, whats the Cornwalis cannon do for you? Also whats the general feeling on the Rout limit rule (good, bad, realistic)?

Gary McClellan
29 Oct 06, 15:42
All right, Cornwallis Cannon is kind of an odd rule (BTW, on the option choice screen, if you hit "help" it will bring up the gory details)

In short, if a cannon is involved in a melee, it will fire at point blank range at ALL units in the hex, including its own side. It's a representation of what Cornwallis did at Guilford Court House when he had his cannon fire in a melee.

As a general rule that rule is NOT used in pbem play, and really is a Guilford Special.

Rout Limiting probably makes the game a hair more playable, but is less realistic.

(BTW, the other one to be aware of... Rifle Fire Effects is generally not considered a good rule for pbem play)