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27 Oct 06, 00:05
What is used for the target artillery's defense strength, to determine the possibility of losing a gun? I guess that it would be the Artillery melee strength (in men per gun) set in the pdt file. If such is true, if I increase only melee strength per gun in the pdt file, would this decrease counter battery long range fire ability?
Counter battery fire should be relatively ineffective. If I increase the artillery fire per gun factor, at the same level as melee per gun factor, would I even out the changes?
I am interested in knowing this, as I am seeking ways to reduce cav and infantry columns' ability to frontally melee artillery and "Poof, they are gone." I do not want to inadvertantly upgrade counter battery (long range) fire effectiveness.

31 Oct 06, 13:38
You have several values for artillery that come into play.

Towards the bottom of the file before the weather lines you have two values.

One is for the artillery melee strength. This has nothing to do with the loss of guns due to FIRE. Its purely for melee purposes.

The other is for artillery fire. Basically how many losses are needed to hit one gun?

That second value is the one you want to tweak a bit. In a copy of the PDT file of course.

Here is an excerpt from one of the files from Campaign Jena-Auersteadt:

8 8 8
4 4 4
30 80
7 7 9
1 1806 11 1 6 0 100 1 150 100 -15 0 Light Snow/Soft

The 30 is the value for melee and the 80 is the value for artillery fire.

Thus you are going to have to cause 80 losses in fire in order to disable a gun.

This might actually be a bit high as skirmishers were very good at picking off artillerists BUT we dont have fractional losses for the crew in the series.

Thus tweak that second value in order to get the right feel for gun losses.

Thus guns are worth 30 men in melee in the Jena game. Thus a battery of 8 guns is worth 240 men.

31 Oct 06, 15:39
Thanks. Did not understand meaning of second number. While 30 men per gun is an historicly accurate number, I've always felt that artillery is too easily eliminated, especially as there are not seperate crews and guns.

01 Nov 06, 02:21
Actually 20 is the base number used in the latest version of the PDT file. I used 30 in Jena and plan on using it for a couple of future titles because I think it gives artillery just enough to survive attacks by weak skirmishers or a small bn.

The main thing is to get the ACW artillery rule that was just put in the ACW series. I believe that that is forthcoming and its more a question of WHEN than IF.

01 Nov 06, 22:13
What is this new ACW artillery rule?

02 Nov 06, 00:26
What is this new ACW artillery rule?

Right out of the User.hlp file:

Under the optional Artillery Capture rule, it is possible to capture enemy artillery in a melee. With this rule, artillery that would by default be eliminated in retreat is allowed to be captured by the attacking side. While the captured artillery is stacked in the same hex with an enemy unit, it can be turned and fired. Fire in this case is automatically halved and the battery cannot be moved to another hex. The captured artillery unit can also be spiked during this time. If the artillery unit is recaptured by a melee, then the owning side can recrew the battery and use it normally. Captured, non-spiked, artillery units count full value towards victory conditions, while spiked captured artillery counts half value.

02 Nov 06, 12:36
Very Interesting!