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21 Oct 06, 19:25
I have successfully added them as listed to the bottom of my Ligny/QB scenario PDT file. I would guess I could lower the cav charge factor to 2, if I wished. I am not sure what the cav charge multiple is.
The Waterloo 1.02 upgrade is working seemlessly with this scenario (and all stock scenarios, here).

21 Oct 06, 20:05
You have to change the PDT version number to 9 as well, first line.

Also, make sure opponent has a copy of the same PDT file or you will be at a disadvantage.

The multiple is just that...when cavalry charge they receive a 3x bonus on their strength against all targets except infantry in square.

The factor controls how many hexes they can continue their charge once the first melee is done (including that hex, assuming they win).

21 Oct 06, 20:35
2 3
Which is the Factor, and which is the Multiple? I had presumed that the 3 was the same old multiple and the 4 was additional hexes meleeable.

21 Oct 06, 20:40
That is correct! 3 multiple, 4 factor.

The additional 2 3 is the Disordered movement value.

21 Oct 06, 20:41
It listed Multiple above Factor.

21 Oct 06, 21:25
Thanks for your help. With perhaps, some tweaks to the arty after playtesting, I'd like to post my scenario somewhere.
I should note, that cavalry may be tweaked, too, as I am one who got kicked off a Talonsoft forum last century, for complaining that cavalry was too strong.

22 Oct 06, 09:11
Post it in the Downloads section (linked at the top of the page) when you have it done...please make sure all the files used have unique files names though, so they don't overwrite existing files! :cool:

26 Oct 06, 11:06
I could not change the Weapon file name (used to name/rename weapons). The original would have to be saved elsewhere. I'll get further playtester comment and do any additional tweaking needed. Has anyone tried changing the cav charge multiple to 2? That should slow the 19th century blitzkrieg down.

26 Oct 06, 11:18
I was going to change it to 2 with the latest round of patches but the feedback from the playtesters was that the new NME rule was a drastic enough change and should be allowed to stand on its own for a while. It does make a big difference in how quickly an attacker can eliminate a defending line...the mass ZOC's in a single turn should be a thing of the past.

Also, the increased movement allowance for disordered units will help defenders form cohesive lines easier. And while yes, it does help the attacker keep his "D" units moving quicker as well, they only attack at 1/3 effectiveness, so they aren't as critical to the attack as the "D" units are the the defender.

29 Dec 06, 17:15
Line -Line disorder value

Probability of disordering a moving unit in line formation.

10 10
Line Bridge damage value.
If this value is nonzero, then random bridge damage can occur in the scenario.

Line Weather data

1 1806 12 08 11 30 25 25 125 75 -25 0 LightRain

Weather may change during the course of a scenario.
1806 12 08 = the date when the weather change is taking effect. here : 8th december 1806
11 30 = the hour when the weather change is taking effect. here : 11:30 (note : do not use 08 to display 8:00 for exemple, use 8 00
25 = probability of weather change occuring in percentage
25 = visibility range in hexes
125 = move cost. here 125% of normal cost
75 = artillery fire modificator
-25 = attack value modificator
0 = flags (???)
Light Rain = name of current weather. It seems any name can be given (snow, fog, etc.)

It seems that weather can only be changed during day turns, and have no effect on dawn and night turns
Line 61: ??

Line : cavalry charge factor

this is the factor that affects charging cavalry combat values. The highest, the better cavalry performs in melee.

Line : cavalry charge multiple

this is the number of hexes a cavalry charging may move during its charge after its first melee.

Line : disordered movement factor

2 3
This is the movement points penalty disordered units are taking. 2 3 means a disordered unit will have
2/3rd of its movement points. 1 4 means it will have a quarter (1/4) of its movement points, 1 2 (1/2) half, and so on.

29 Dec 06, 20:15
I've yet to figure out how to do weather. I'd like chance of thundershowers for June 16. Problem is, while it thinderstormed at Ligny it didnt at QB.

30 Dec 06, 09:23
Weather impacts the entire map at once, so you can't model localized storms. But really, how often does it rain in one place and not at all 10 miles away? Some, but most storm systems are bigger than that.

The real problem came in for me when I used the visibility values to replicate smoke, which would be a very localized thing...so hopefully that is something we can address at some point in the future.

17 Feb 07, 15:37
Which is it? coblexlaw and Rich disagree about cav charge multiple. Does initial melee hex count?

17 Feb 07, 16:02
Yes, the initial hex where a melee is conducted does count. So, say we use the current setting of 4. A cav unit could do the following:

Charge up next to a hex containing the enemey.
(1) Melee that enemy (and win).
(2) Move into the next empty hex.
(3) Melee again (and win).
(4) Melee into the 4th hex and stop, regardless of outcome.
(4) Move into another empty hex. If they end up next to yet another enemy unit at the end of that they can melee once again. But the chances of the unit having enough punch to do much of anything is pretty slim.

Note: If they loose any melee in this string then they are immediately stopped for the diration of the turn.