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17 Oct 06, 08:01

The new Waterloo (1.02) and Wagram (1.06) patches are now on the HPS site:

Changes for Campaign Waterloo 1.02

- Implemented a minimum bridge strength requirement for crossing a damaged bridge of 50, 100, and 150 for infantry (and leaders), cavalry, and artillery (and supply wagons) respectively. See the section on Movement in the Users Manual.
- Put cavalry charge factor in parameter data.
- Put cavalry charge multiple in parameter data.
- Put disordered movement fraction in parameter data (now at 2/3).
- Added the ability to define a unit as "Has Boats" which allows the unit to enter water hexes.
- Added option to prevent defender elimination when there is no valid retreat after melee.

Also tweaked the PDT file to reduce the about face costs, to help defenders fight a delaying action.

All in all the changes should help the defense quite a bit, which has been lacking. The new rule listed at the bottom, No Melee Elimination, is a big change.

http://www.hpssims.com/Pages/updates/up_NapBats/up_NAPBAT.html (http://www.hpssims.com/Pages/updates/up_NapBats/up_NAPBAT.html)

17 Oct 06, 18:38
Great news Rich!!!