View Full Version : Why did they disappear?

07 Oct 06, 20:00

Some of my French Cavalry are not showing up on the 3d zoom out view, but they all show up on the 3d normal view. I have reinstalled the game and the same thing happens, anybody have any idea why?

Look here.

12 Oct 06, 20:33
I used to get that with some of the Talonsoft NW and ACW games. Save the game, close and reopen. It worked for me, I reckoned it was a problem reading the bmp and memory.

Can't recommend anything else...sorry.

12 Oct 06, 20:40

Thanks for the reply!

For some reason mine happens all the time.

I e-mailed HPS they told me it will be fixed in the next patch.

13 Oct 06, 13:45
Yes, its a 3D icon issue...we *should* have the new patches out in the next 30 days or so...