View Full Version : No Melee Eliminations

07 Oct 06, 00:55
Info from the HPS Site on some new features added:

No Melee Eliminations to help reduce Blitz ZOC fighting

Can someone explain in more detail this new feature. Thanks.

07 Oct 06, 14:40
What this new rule does is if the defenders are compelled to retreat by the melee outcome, but have no valid retreat hex, they stay where they are - suffering the results of the melee in man loss and fatigue, but are not eliminated completely.

We are currently working on the patches for the other 4 games as well, to include this for them soon.

07 Oct 06, 15:46
I like it!

07 Oct 06, 21:13
Thanks for the info. Should be good in the other games as well.

Will the losses be increased due to them not being able to retreat?

I assume the 'no retreat forward rule' is still there, so even though there may be one hex available forward to move into they still will not, but this new rule will kick in?

21 Oct 06, 12:35
For lousy players like myslef, I thank you!!