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Panama Red
06 Oct 06, 11:00
Does anybody know where I can find some Napoleonic Theme Icons ???

Since HPS alwys uses the same Start icons (unlike Talonsoft who used different Start icons for each of their three Napoleonic games), I would like to use some different icons to replace the standard HPS icons.


08 Oct 06, 20:50
Iím not sure what you mean by start icons but you can find some Alterative Unit Art made by Edward "Volcano Man" Williams at this Web-Site, http://members.shaw.ca/gcsaunders/downloads4_VM.html , just scroll down the page till you see the Napoleonic files.

If you know how to alter the stock graphicís, Andreas (Uffz_Feuerhake) Hetzert has some excellent Preussen unit iconís in the download section of this Web-Site. http://www.strategyzoneonline.com/forums/downloads.php?do=cat&id=93

Panama Red
08 Oct 06, 21:17
I would first like to say that I really enjoy your 3DUnits for Waterloo and hope you do some more for the Eckmuhl/Wagram games, but this is not what I am talking about. The Icon that I am talking about is the Icon on your desktop that you double click to start the game.

Unfortunately HPS uses the same start Icon for all their games (the capital N surrounded by a gold wreath and a red/white/blue tricolor in the background), and I would like to use something different for each game like Talonsoft did. Talonsoft used a different style Napoleonic hat/helmet for each of it's three Napoleonic games which added some color and differentiation between each of their games at the desktop level.


08 Oct 06, 22:18
You can use any image for that you want, just right click on the shortcut and choose "Properties" then select the "Change Icon" button...then browse for the appropriate file on your system.

Now as for making those icons, you can do it with a screen shot and then crop the section out you want to use...the standard size is 32 x 32 pixels.

As far as ones already done, well...I can't help you there...sorry!