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Warship NWS
06 Oct 06, 00:28
The above title is now available..:)

06 Oct 06, 02:26
Enjoy guys. Lots of work went into this one by all of us involved.

Warship NWS
06 Oct 06, 02:28
To Sgt Rock, congrats to you and the rest of the guys. I already own every HPS game myself and find them very enjoyable. The research is always well done so I expect nothing less from the latest release.

Note.. we are shipping this game TODAY at NWS. Thanks! :)

06 Oct 06, 05:11
I ordered it from NWS today. I also got Vicksburg and Peninsula. I look forward to exploring the various scenarios.

Panama Red
06 Oct 06, 09:07
Just ordered mine and look forward to this game too.

Warship NWS
06 Oct 06, 13:41
Thank you for your support of our store and for supporting HPS. As many of you may already know Im a huge fan of HPS, comes from being a wargamer for many years I guess..I just love the classic feel of the designs. :)

We are starting shipping today so keep watch. Thanks! :)

06 Oct 06, 13:46
Enjoy guys. Lots of work went into this one by all of us involved.


In the new HPS Vicksburg game gave a synopis of the game and listed the changes made in the system. Where there any changes made to the Napoleonic system with the introduction of Jena-Auerstadt?


06 Oct 06, 16:24
Yes Rick, a semi list of new features can be found at my website:


Click on the Jena link on the upper right side of the page.

This is my website for the Napoleonic series.

Features not mentioned on the website include:

Changes to Campaign Jena-Auersted V1.0
- Implemented a minimum bridge strength requirement for crossing a
damaged bridge of 50, 100, and 150 for infantry, cavalry (and leaders),
and artillery (and supply wagons) respectively. See the section on
Movement in the Users Manual.
- Put cavalry charge factor in parameter data.
- Added the ability to define a unit as "Has Boats" which allows the
unit to enter water hexes.
- Added option to prevent defender elimination when there is no valid
retreat after melee.

08 Oct 06, 23:43
:D Ordered mine. Very much looking forward to playing some battles that I know very little about.



21 Oct 06, 12:37
Have not done it yet, low on cash, but hope to when I get paid..looks great!!